Last week I went to a two day NSW Oyster Industry Conference which featured a number of sessions eg. Innovation, Future, Research, Marketing and Oyster Health.

A couple of these I found particularly interesting. These were Mathew Wassnig, from the Nambucca River, who spoke about entering the Industry and how he has fared as a newcomer.   Some things he found difficult were learning about local seasonal conditioning on his leases and getting over a massive flood event which occurred in that region.  He was not daunted as he was prepared for some issues to arise and has come out with a positive outlook.  A fine young person coming into the Industry.



Dr Iain Suthers talk on zooplankton as an indicator of environmental health of estuaries was eye opening.  He has been measuring types of zooplankton and quantities in some northern oyster growing areas and found remarkable differences and considers the measurements can show when parts or whole estuaries are under stress.

The dinner hosted by Simon Marnie (ABC radio journalist and oyster show judge) was fun.  John (Stinker) Clarke’s talk about the history of the Port Stephens Oyster industry going back over 130 years was fascinating.

Small Oyster Water Grader

Small Oyster Water Grader

As is always the way, the trade show was informative and a highlight.  Above is a small oyster water grader, which was farm made but smart.


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