Triploid Pacific Oysters – Part 3

In my opinion, I think it is worth growing Triploid Pacifics for a number of reasons.

Before any farmers can grow these oysters an extensive review of environmental factors (REF) has to be written and approved by NSW Fisheries.  All stakeholders with an interest have to be approached and there concerns addressed.

Growers who want to grow T.P.O’s have to be in a group (eg association or company) and comply with the agreed conditions under the REF document.  These conditions would cover such things as, total numbers of TPO’s to be grown in the estuary, total numbers per farm, disease status and where they can be purchased,

The risk of Pacific Mortality Syndrome (POMS) that killed all Pacific Oysters in the Hawkesbury and Georges Rivers exists.  It will probably eventually extend up and down the NSW coast but hopefully in this region disease resistant oysters will be developed by the time it gets here.  I think it is worth being in a position to grow T.P.O as a great demand exists for them and even if POMS gets to the district before 5 years or so the experience gained in growing techniques for T.P.O will be invaluable.

I would not recommend stopping growing Sydney Rock Oysters or Flat Oysters and simply using T.P.O.  By growing all three types of oysters Oyster Farmer’s cash flow would be improved especially  as each type of oyster is in peak condition at different times enabling sales for most of the year.


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