Christmas On The Oyster Farm

Merry Christmas to all.  It is an excellent time to enjoy beautiful Narooma Rock Oysters fresh from the farm.  The water temperature has risen a degree or two and with the rainfall we had a few weeks ago they have fattened beautifully.  I can’t stop sampling them as we harvest oysters for sale.  The are just delicious.

Demand is excellent with deliveries being made to Sydney markets and beyond.  Growth in our young oyster stock has been good and we are constantly refilling our tray leases as we sell oysters to market.  It is a busy time of year.  

Another surprise is the good condition of the flat oysters (angasi)  As mentioned before they prefer (or so I thought) cooler water temperature but this year they have reproduced in Oct/Nov and refatened now.  Not sure why this has occurred but water temperatures were a little lower for a longer period this spring.  Maybe this was a factor.  We are forever learning.

Check out the recipe a lovely Christmas entree and a favorite of mine.

Tiger Prawns, Seaweed and Rock Oysters

Tiger Prawns, Seaweed and Rock Oysters


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